Behind the Scenes: How Maroon 5 Created the Seamless 'Girls Like You' Music Video with Cardi B

The music video for "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B, particularly Volume 2, features a unique production style. Here’s how it was made and whether the women were actually there with the singer:

  1. Filming Process:

    • The video was directed by David Dobkin and primarily shot in a single continuous take. This required extensive rehearsal and precise timing to ensure smooth transitions between different cameo appearances.
    • Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, was filmed on a rotating platform. The camera followed him in a 360-degree rotation, capturing each celebrity cameo as they stepped onto the platform.
  2. Cameo Appearances:

    • The various women featured in the video, including celebrities and influential women, were mostly filmed separately. They performed their parts on the same rotating platform, and the footage was seamlessly edited to make it appear as though they were all interacting with Levine in one continuous shot.
    • Cardi B’s segment was also filmed separately. She appears on the rotating platform in front of a green screen, and her part was integrated into the video during post-production.
  3. Editing and Effects:

    • Post-production played a significant role in creating the illusion of continuity. The editor skillfully combined the separate shots of each cameo, ensuring the transitions were smooth and maintaining the video's seamless appearance.
    • Special effects and digital editing techniques were used to blend the shots, making it appear as though all the women were present with Levine throughout the video.

Overall, while the video gives the impression that all the women were there with Adam Levine at the same time, most of the scenes were filmed separately and then combined through meticulous editing to create the final product