The 3rd Bucket

The notion of giving back—whether through charity, donations, or aiding the underprivileged—has been a pivotal part of my upbringing, as I believe it has been for many around the globe. Most of us have at some point contributed to a cause, supported a friend, or helped fund an NGO.

Before you consider your next charitable contribution, I implore you to pause and watch a particular video. It challenges conventional donation practices and invites you to deliberate on the impact of your giving.

This reflection led me to employ a college student for a brief daily task, offering her not just a modest wage but also invaluable training in social media marketing. This opportunity doesn't merely provide her with immediate financial support; it equips her with skills that promise a brighter, self-sufficient future, potentially transforming her family's economic situation.

I encourage you to contemplate similar initiatives. If direct involvement isn't feasible for you, take the time to thoroughly vet and support organizations that genuinely empower those in need, fostering independence rather than dependency.

Let me explain the concept of "The 3rd Bucket," a framework I use to discuss charitable giving, segmented into three categories:

The 1st Bucket addresses emergency aid required during crises such as natural disasters. In these instances, the immediate necessity for relief overshadows all else, prompting us to contribute whatever we can to assist those in urgent need.

The 2nd Bucket covers acts of sympathy, such as giving to beggars or offering food, as highlighted in the aforementioned video. While well-intentioned, these actions often fail to provide a sustainable path out of poverty, instead risking a cycle of dependency.

The 3rd Bucket, akin to the assistance I've provided to the college student, focuses on offering support that cultivates self-reliance through skill development.

I hope this discussion prompts thoughtful consideration and dialogue on how we can most effectively contribute to a better world.