My Epic Adventure at Hideout Farm

Hey folks,

Let me spill the tea on my epic adventure at Hideout Farm, where the vibes are more infectious than a viral TikTok dance.

First things first, if Hemant isn't there, just U-turn your car, catch the next flight to Mars, or do whatever it takes to come back when he is. Why? Because Hemant isn't just a person; he's an experience, a philosophy, a warm, bear-hug embodying entity that you didn't know you needed in your life. His hugs? Imagine being wrapped in a human-sized, warmth-emitting burrito. That's Hemant for you. 

Tagged along with me was my buddy Shubha, who was literally radiating more glow than my grandma's vintage lamp. I mean, who needs highlighters when you've got the Hideout Farm effect?

And folks, one night? Pfft, that's for amateurs. Go for the double, or even triple threat to truly marinate in the essence of Hideout Farm. 

Mid-summer, we found this mystical stream nearby to cool off, and let me tell you, it was the definition of a blast—like discovering a secret level in your favorite video game. Want to slap the heat with a cool comeback? That's your go-to.

Now, onto the grub—100% vegetarian and 1000% delicious. Ayana, Hemant's prodigy, crafts a sandwich that might just make you see the universe in a new dimension. It's not food; it's culinary magic.

The rooms? They're what spacious dreams are made of, and the bathrooms are practically cool caves of wonder during the day.

Craving to dive into this paradise? Hit up their site: [Hideout Farm](Beware: Side effects may include an intense urge to hug Hemant).

Stay zesty,


Enjoying the Stream nearby

Pictures taken at Hideout


  1. Your an ultimate killer ,now I see the Abundance of a wealthy community,where one blossoms and blooms,with love ,Grace , effortlessly


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