My worst experience with Amazon

This is one of my worst experience with Amazon
I won't be shopping with Amazon ever after this.

Just so that I document everything properly for people to see

I had purchased the following product on 19th Dec 2022

It mentioned FREE delivery tomorrow which was perfect.

But then they delivered a monitor instead of the laptop on the 20th of Dec 2022. 
As usual I went online and requested for a replacement, but it was not accepted.
So the next day I chatted with customer support. They said they had to get this investigated and will get back to me on 25th Dec 2022
They asked me to submit some photos which I did as shown below

They said they would have to open an investigation to find out how this happened and I would hear from them on 25th of Dec.

Being a Holiday I thought no one would have done anything on 25th of Dec, so I waited till 26th Dec evening. Still nothing from Amazon about my case so I chatted with them. Click here to see the chat script.

Here is the part the agent was not able to answer two simple questions:

6:42:14 PM
I'm sorry about it sir and understand sir, But the investigation was not updated.
6:42:34 PM
Rishi Gangoly
Why was the investigation not updated?
6:42:49 PM
Who has to update the investigation?
6:42:57 PM
Why am I being penalized for this?
6:43:07 PM

Then I decided to call to Amazon and here is the recording of the call with the Amazon Customer Service Agent.

If you listen to the conversation, you can see that the agent has not sense of customer service. He makes no sense and is not helping me in anyway.


  1. Good u have done this, pls go to the consumer guidance society, don't know it's strength , my uncle was honourary serving them over 30 yrs back


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