Extraordinary Healing I Received

I want to share the extraordinary healing I received from the Divine or God or Source, whatever you want to call it. The channel for this divine healing is Angana Bhattacharya.

In June of 2021, I got an allergic reaction and tried many things to eliminate the problem, but I could not figure out the cause. I have been consuming an Allegra 120 tablet daily since then, and my doctor warned me that I could not keep consuming this tablet for life, so in Jan of 2022, with the help of hypnosis, a doctor helped me with some release work and the dosage was reduced.

Then I met Angana in April 2022. When she learned about my allergy problem, she started sending me healing in June 2022, and the need for the medicine finally disappeared. 

As of today, the 4th of Aug 2022, it has been over 32 days without any medication for the Allergy.

If you would like to get her help with any health-related issue, you can join her WhatsApp group by tapping the link below.



  1. Thanks Sir for sharing your experience, I hope it helps everyone.

  2. Hi Rishi,Thanks for this info. I want to get it touch with these heeling people as I am suffering from acute back pain along with swollen feet. No amount of medication is helping. Can you please connect me ?Thank you in advance.

    1. join her WhatsApp group by tapping the link below.


      More information can be found on her website https://blossomhealing.org


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