People have reported my photos on the Internet. haha

Go to and search for Rishi

Or go to and search for "smiling Indian man".

Last I checked on 27th Oct 2022 and it appears 6 times 

You'll see my picture.

I've been "TAKING" from for so long for my website business, that I thought I should give back. so... 😂

Featured in a series Operation Swades

The irony is I never took the COVID vaccination

Here is a post on a website called HRKatha

Here is another one at iVisa

This one has just been published today

The Irony is this is supposed to be Times Verified.

You can't trust News Agencies to deliver "Verified" News

ha ha


8th Aug 2023 - Reported by a friend
They used my picture along with my friend's picture.
I was named Ravi Teja
My friend Dharmendra Rai was named Niranjan
Name of the App: DriveU: Car Drivers & Services
Apparently I did install this app last year. ha ha
Here is the link to the App

11 Sep 2023

10:37 pm

Hello sir This Facebook id is misusing your picture.this man is misleading public by using your picture and same time he is saying this is his picture.

10:39 pm

He is trying to create religious controversy disblancing social hormony by using your picture same time making his followers and general public to think that picture belongs to him only

10:46 pm

I hope u ll do something upon it

10:46 pm

Thank you

10:46 pm


Rishi Gangoly

Thanks for sharing

10:40 am

His latest update on his FB page

And here is another one