Stay Uncle

I was talking to my friend about experience renting my apartment on Airbnb which has been really fantastic. I noticed how young Indian unmarried couples always double-check with me if it's okay if they come along with their friend and I have to clarify that it's fine. This question is never asked by unmarried couples coming from abroad since the culture is so different.

The house I grew up in was so cool, I had no idea about people having such a challenge. My friend told me about this website called Stay Uncle

I was so happy to hear of such a service so I decided to post this on my Blog.

Watch the video "Why India's Youth Are Dating In Secret" below (BBC Coverage)

Why India’s Youth Are Dating In Secret
Filling India with love one couple at a time.. The complete story of StayUncle covered by Discovery Channel is finally out... We are getting there dosts. Have a look
Posted by Stay Uncle on Friday, 19 August 2016