I'm surviving

My computer finally gave up on me on a Saturday evening after 7 years. So I bought a new computer from Amazon

I was pretty surprised to see how well I am managing on my Mobile with a Bluetooth Keyboard.

I'm happy to report that a lot of my work is being done with these two devices.

The Bluetooth Keyboard enables me to do a lot of emails since the Touch Keyboard on the Mobile Screen is good for short messages only.

I even hooked up my Bluetooth Speaker and downloaded some of my favourite music from YouTube to the phone and have been listening to it. Watching YouTube videos with the Bluetooth Speaker has been a much better experience too.

I decided to blog this experience using the WordPress App on my Mobile :)

Click here to get this fabulous Bluetooth Keyboard
In conclusion,  I can get by without a computer for a week...  I think.  :)

Do share your comments and similar experiences if any.


  1. Wow! That's wisdom at it's best. Too cool Rishi. It really proves that one is not a handicap unless he/she believes he is.
    Truly inspirational.

  2. thanks for sharing Rishi!truely appreciate!


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