Dola Dasgupta's experience on Unschooling

Dola Dasgupta is a single parent un-schooling her two children. When I scheduled an appointment to talk about her journey becoming a Home-Schooler and then later an Un-Schooler, I thought I would be in and out in 40 minutes. But when we started, the conversation went so deep I was there for about 3-4 hours. I later tried to edit the video and hope to crunch it down to max 30 minutes, but I just couldn’t do it. Everything she said was so important and valuable and relevant that I figured I’m just going to keep it the way it is. What I like about her is that she gives a very broad and complete response to each and every question I ask her. My original thought was to target this video to people who are considering Home or Un-Schooling their children, but now after looking at the video, just about anyone would probably enjoy listening to her journey. She has really done a lot of internal work on herself. Her story is beautiful. All the 5 parts are about 2 hours and 30 minutes but totally worth watching it. The questions and responses in all 5 parts are mentioned below: Part 1 (46 minutes) 00:00:08 - Introduction (1 minute) 00:00:58 - Why did you want to remove your children from School? (40 minutes) 00:41:50 - The Book that changed everything (5 minutes) Part 2 (23 minutes) 00:00:08 - Tell us about your move from Home-Schooling to Un-Schooling (25 minutes) Part 3 (20 minutes) 00:00:08 - Tell us about your Challenges (5 minutes) 00:05:00 - Can you give some examples? (9 minutes) 00:13:24 - Were there other Challenges? (6 minutes) Part 4 (30 minutes) 00:00:08 - Do you recommend Un-Schooling? (10 minutes) 00:10:10 - What about Social Skills? (4 minutes) 00:14:22 - Do you Censor Information? (15 minutes) Part 5 (30 minutes) 00:00:08 - What is NIOS? Are you getting your children to appear for 10th grade? (3 minutes) 00:03:10 - Are there any online Forums? (2 minutes) 00:05:02 - How does your ex-husband feel? (16 minutes) 00:20:52 - Is he comfortable with Un-Schooling? (5 minutes) 00:25:55 - Do you feel you can handle any challenge? (3 minutes) Here are some links that you may want to refer to Dola Dasgupta’s Blogs Swasikshan - Indian Association of HomeSchoolers

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