Invitation to visit Chimantara Cottage


I have recently moved to Chimantara Cottage. Sunita Dighe who owns this beautiful property has been very generous to make it available for me to stay and enjoy the surrounding.

Where is it located

In Maharashtra, 2-3 hours drive from Mumbai

AddressSH92, Ghotawade, Maharashtra 410205


Moving to this farm was inspired by an idea that was shared by a friend and co-traveller, Shantanu Mundhada called Palaash Farm Living. Watch the video below to learn more about it.

You can contact Shantanu on his website or check out their FB Page here.

If you like the idea and want to get a taste of what Palaash Farm Living is all about and would like to come for a day trip OR spend a few nights, get in touch with me on and I'd be happy to host you.

I can accommodate 2-4 people at a time and I'd prefer to have one person, couple/family or group at a time VS doing a mixed group of people having different interests.

What to expect

  • Food: I eat eggs and meat for breakfast with tea. Rice, Daal, Dahi and Sabzi for lunch and dinner. I'm happy to serve you Poha or Upma if you are a Vegetarian. However, if you are concerned about the use of the same utensils for cooking veg and non-veg, you can visit the nearby restaurants. Vegans, if you're good with anything that's vegan in the house, you're welcome too.
  • Water: We use Groundwater pumped from the bore well. We don't have an Aquaguard but we are still alive and doing well. 😀
  • Bedding: We can provide a mattress, blanket, pillow and a mosquito net on the 1st level above the cottage. If you can't sleep on the floor we have a cot in the shed with mattress and mosquito net.
  • Tent: If you want to get your tent and sleep in, go for it. Just ensure you set it up by 5 pm before it gets dark.
  • Transport: It's best you visit the cottage using your own vehicle. Car is better, and two-wheelers are possible if you are okay riding one from Mumbai. Note: Two-wheelers are not permitted on the Bombay-Pune Expressway.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi: We have Airtel and Jio Wifi Routers. The internet is fast (5-15 MBPS) in the mornings then starts to get slow down (1 MBPS or slower) as the day starts. I guess the villagers start watching YouTube around 10 AM onwards and hog the bandwidth.
  • Electricity: We have electricity from the government. When there is a power cut we switch to the Power Inverter which has some battery life.
  • Geyser: We have a geyser for hot water. The water pressure is low so we have a bucket for a bath and not a shower.
  • Western Toilet: We have a western toilet and the bum spray does not have a lot of pressure. 😀
  • Swim: There is a dam nearby (see videos below) and you can take a dip in there if you love the quality of water in lakes. However, I'm not a swimmer so can't be a lifeguard. 😀
  • Music: I do like to play music in the day. Hope that does not bother you.

What to bring along

  • Bedding: We request you to get a bedsheet and a pillow cover so that the team does not have to wash them for just one use. And if you are particular about using our blankets or quilts, you can bring along a sleeping bag as it does get pretty cold outside after 2-3 AM in the morning.
  • Toilet kit: A towel, toothbrush, shaving kit (if you want to shave)
  • Laptop and Mobiles: If you need to work on emails, write or blog, there are a lot of power points for you to charge your laptop and mobiles.

Other stuff

  • Alcohol: I do have a drink occasionally and I'm okay if you want to have a drink too, as long as you don't get drunk.
  • Smoking: I don't smoke. However, it doesn't bother me if you smoke as long as the smoke doesn't come on my face. As of now, smoking outside the house is permitted until I change my mind.

Ghotawade Dam near Chimantara Cottage

In the winter months

In the monsoon


  1. This concept of living and experiencing basic life is super exciting.I am surely visiting anytime sooon.

    1. Awesome. Send me email when you want to come over.


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